Selective Stimulate lotion 12x6ml

Κωδ. 7500150

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Thanks to the intensive action of Redensyl and the precious actives contained in the innovative ONcare fluxes, it tones and reinvigorates the hair, favouring the hair well-being and counteracting its loss by rebalancing physiological processes and microcirculation.
For specific use as maintenance programme.

Active principles:
STIMULFLUX: A balanced complex based on Redensyl®, the innovative active principle capable of rebalancing the physiological processes, stimulating cell metabolism and improving microcirculation.
It helps increase the % of hair in the Anagen phase while reducing the one in the Telogen phase.
DEFENSEFLUX: A balanced complex consisting of natural active principles, effective in protecting and defending the scalp from external agents that could alter its physiological balance.

Directions for use:

Apply the content of one phial evenly onto a clean scalp (not necessarily cleansed) and massage it.
Style the hair, and without rinsing apply Stimulate Spray.

Frequency of use:

For best results, we recommend a cycle of at least 24 phials (2 packages) used 1 – 3 times a week depending on the intensity of the treatment programme.
Repeat the treatment twice a year.

Packaging:12 x 6 ml.